Why a Roofing Service Provider Recommends Metal Roofs

Having a metal roof does provide a home with durability, reduced energy costs, and beauty. This material is now available in numerous colors, textures, and styles — this versatile material has several benefits over asphalt shingles. Most homeowners choose to have it installed to be better protected against the elements without having to sacrifice its visual effect. When compared to other materials, metal roofing does have several distinct advantages. It’s more durable, has a lifespan of 30 to 60 years, and does not decompose. Metal, however, is more expensive to install, but it is lighter than other roofing materials, which in turn, places less stress on your roof’s rafters and supporting walls.

Metal is very fire resistant, so people that reside in wildfire areas can feel safer having a fireproof roof. Ceramic tiles can also be fire retardant, and cost the same as a metal roof; however, it does have its own unique architectural style and is much heavier in weight. With its ability to contract and expand, metal provides better protection against force gale winds, snow, sleet, and hailstorms, not to mention extreme heat waves.

Having the right type of metal roofing will complement most architectures. This is due to the fact metal is coated with any color or texture and can resemble wood grain or slate. The sheet arrangement can be customized too, unlike standard shingles. Homeowners can ask their roofing service provider to install small tiles, large sheets, vertical slats, or offset rows.

Because a metal roof does reflect the sun’s energy, it can save homeowners money in terms of electricity and heating bills. For example, a light toned roof can save up to 20% on air conditioning expenses in the summer time. While the cost of this material is high, that of the installation is lower, due to the fact it can be installed straight over an existing roof without the need of demolition. Within some regions, a metal roof will also reduce a homeowner’s house insurance. People that are concerned about their environment prefer this kind of roofing as it can be made using recycled material.

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