Residential roofer - TucsonWhy You Should Leave Roofing to a Professional Residential Roofer

Using common sense.
Out of every tool you possess, this is by far the most important thing when it comes to working on a steep roof. Every professional residential roofer possesses this, and without it, you could end seriously injured or worse, DEAD!

Dress accordingly.
Only wear loose-fitting clothes that do not restrict your movements, also, make sure you are wearing rubber-soled shoes for good traction. A helmet should be worn also, to protect your head in case you fall.

NEVER work in inclement weather.
The wind will throw you off balance, and rains will make every roof extremely slippery. When the weather is not good, then stay off your roof!

Only use sturdy ladders.
You should always use a sturdy ladder to ensure your safety when stepping on and off your roof. Never use a ladder which has seen better days, make sure you invest in a good quality one. Place it so it extends over three feet above the eaves, and secure the bottom to the foundation and the top to your fascia to stop it from moving. Place both of your hands on the ladder for good balance when you get off it.

Safety equipment.
Using the correct equipment, which includes safety gear, is vital to your safety when attempting any roofing project on a steeply pitched roof.

Roofing jacks
Roofing jacks, also known as roofing brackets, can be found at most local hardware stores and are used in combination with two-by-eight inch boards to build scaffolding on your roof. They are made to fit beneath the shingles and hold boards. Nail them to your rafters using 2 ½-3 inch nails for more support. Remember, should you not wish to deal with roof leaks once you have removed these, then make sure you do not miss the rafters.

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